How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy

How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy

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Teachers go above and beyond for their students. In addition to teaching, they help with personal issues, provide moral support, and act as mentors. But what do they get in return? They really deserve something special on Teacher Appreciation Day. But what can you give them? Here are some great ideas for showing your appreciation.
Teachers are often underappreciated for the work they do. They don’t get paid what they deserve and their job can be very stressful. One way to thank them for all of their hard work is to show them that we care by bringing some happiness into their lives. We can surprise them with a thoughtful gift, bake their favorite treats, or give them a day off.

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Here, are 10 ways you can make your teacher happy:
  1. Bring him or her coffee and doughnuts in the morning
  2. Surprise him or her with a flower bouquet
  3. Give him or her an extra day off so he/she can recharge
  4. Bake his/her favorite treat and leave it on his or her desk
Make your teacher happy is one of the best gifts you can give to any person in this world. A happy teacher will teach his or her students with all their heart, which means that you will be better prepared for exam and quiz. A surprise may not only make your teacher happy but also create a positive environment in school. These are some tips on how to surprise your favorite teacher with a great gift.

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How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy

Teachers are the best. They give so much of themselves to help students learn and grow. I’ve had a number of teachers throughout my life who have made an enormous impact on my life and who I am today. Here, is how I like to surprise my teacher and make him or her happy.

How to surprise your teacher

Take time to think before you go to your teacher. When I walk into a classroom to speak to my class, I give my teacher a heads-up. I typically call his or her class before I go so that I can speak to him or her before I get to class.

How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy
How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy

This way, my teacher has a full class (or class is in recess) to engage in conversation before you arrive. Your teacher is likely doing multiple things at once. Perhaps you’re going to be in your teacher’s classroom for 15 minutes or you’ll be there for 30 minutes. If your teacher is meeting with other teachers or meeting with students, it might take longer than you think. One of my teachers is going to go out of his way to meet with me for as long as he needs. He’ll invite me in and I’ll sit with him and discuss my work. Prepare a few questions.

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What to say to your teacher

First and foremost, you have to have a compelling reason to say what you want. Ask yourself what is the best thing that you can say to your teacher? What if I told my teacher I’m quitting my job and going traveling? How would you react? I hope that he would be excited for me, cheering me on, and tell me to be careful when I’m away.

What to say to your teacher Once you have a compelling reason, and you have written it down, it’s time to write what you want to say to your teacher. When you write your message, try to keep it as brief as possible. Write for 5 seconds, or for 10 seconds, or for 1 minute. Every single time you make a sentence longer, it’s going to sound like a question.

Get creative with a gift

There is nothing more memorable than a gift with a personal touch. Think of a book that they may like but can’t get on their own, a new painting that would go perfectly in their classroom, or a one of a kind sculpture. If the gift is too extravagant, consider a small token. I bought my math teacher a bracelet that said “world’s best teacher”.

In addition to making me happy, my math teacher looked so good in her bracelet. Check in with the teacher after school If you’re not sure if they have a hobby or something you would enjoy doing together, check with them after school. Perhaps you two can go for a walk or spend time together playing with your dog or going to a movie or even just going to the local coffee shop. Even if your teacher isn’t working, that just adds to the surprise factor.

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Show appreciation by showing up to class

If you’re lucky enough to have a teacher you are incredibly grateful for, the least you can do is show up to class and make an effort to learn. By staying for a day, coming in early or staying after school, you not only show your appreciation for the time and effort they are putting into your education, but you also help make their job a little easier. As you go through life, you will likely encounter a number of teachers who have helped you along the way, and it is essential that you show them that you appreciate their efforts. Keep it casual Don’t make your surprise that big.

Thank your teacher for all he or she does …

Every teacher I’ve ever had was incredibly inspiring, but some were particularly special. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Myers, was an amazing, lovable woman who was beyond caring. She was loving and nurturing and she never once belittled me or treated me as if I were stupid. She always encouraged me to be my best and to do my best.

How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy
How To Surprise Your Teacher and Make Him or Her Happy

As an adult, I try to emulate this same care and devotion to all of the students I encounter. As a former high school teacher, I still value the positive influence my teachers had on me throughout my years in school. So, thank your teacher for all the things they do for you. I know that being a student of mine was difficult, and I don’t know if I would have made it through without the help of many of my teachers.

Why teachers are so important?

Great question. I love kids. They are the biggest inspiration. It’s been said that 90% of what we think we know about the world comes from what we have learned from others. Teachers have provided me with not only knowledge, but also values, morals, ethics, morals, ethics, morals, ethics, and more. They have shared my childhood and have allowed me to become who I am. They have changed my life.

In school, I was a good student and a hard worker. I wanted to learn. I had dreams of becoming a physician. However, I wasn’t that good at science. In fact, I was a mediocre student. I failed science. However, I loved the subject of physics. I always knew that I wanted to help people. I wanted to help those in need, those with diseases, or those who are disabled.

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What you can do for someone who is a teacher?

There are tons of ways to do this, but here are some of my favorites. Write A Humbling Note This may be the simplest, yet most impactful. Write a letter to a teacher and explain how you used their class that week. Share A Photo Send a photo of yourself with your teacher.

Maybe you took a photo in class, or your teacher is holding a project that you helped create. If they are a teacher with a personal Facebook page, like mine, ask them to post the photo. The more personal the better. Give a gift or offer to help them out Many teachers are overwhelmed with student-teacher relationships. The majority are overworked and underpaid, and spending time with students may not be in the best interest of their health and ability to focus on what is important, like your child’s education.

How to surprise your teacher

The year after I graduated high school I started working full time. As a result, the summertime was full of vacation. I took some time and I used it for adventure and travel. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting an art museum in Rome. It was a must-see. One of the items that caught my eye was a copy of Michelangelo’s David.

I pulled it off the wall and as a result of a little positioning I stood right next to it. The smile on the face of the professor I had was unforgettable. And I learned an important lesson that day about creativity and a way to surprise people that they will remember forever. Be creative. I’ve been lucky to be able to practice my creativity many times. At work I’m always asking my co-workers to be creative, and they’re always looking for ways to be creative.

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How to make your teacher happy

Our teachers have so many wonderful things to offer our students. How about you find out what they like and give them an unforgettable surprise?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Give them a gift they’ve always wanted, make it a surprise and give it to them in class. Maybe it’s that picture frame they’ve been wanting that’s been sitting on their desk for a while. Or maybe it’s that new box fan they’ve wanted to try.
  2. Send them a kind, thoughtful text message. Some teachers do not have a phone in their room or are not able to take texts. Your thoughtful text message will really make their day.
  3. Ask the teacher to take you to the shopping mall and have some fun together. Or bake them cookies. Or surprise them with dinner at a restaurant.


I will be creating more of these each month. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you’d like me to incorporate, please email me at Enjoy!


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